November 30, 2020
USFA NFIRS 5.0 Active Vendor
FireTools Software Highlights
The Software of Choice by Those Who Know Because...
It is Easy to Use
  1. Flows Naturally Field to Field and Form to Form
  2. Built-in Look-up Codes and Spell Checker for Remarks
It is Reliable
  1. Complete Validation of Data to USFA Rules
  2. Creates Accurate Transaction Files
It is Thorough
  1. User Definable Pick-Lists and Filter Fields
  2. Pre-structured Statistical Reports and User Definable Queries
It is Flexible
  1. Compatible With Standalone or Network Installations.
  2. Use With Any Version of Windows Released To Date.
  1. Four Integrated Modules – One Product – Low Price
    1. Incident Reporting System 100% NFIRS 5.0 Compliant
    2. Personnel Record System Includes Training Records
    3. Site Record System Pre-incident Survey and Right-to-Know
    4. Equipment Record System Inventory and Maintenance Records
  2. All NFIRS 5.0 codes are built in.
  3. Spell checking of narrative memo/remark fields
  4. Extra fields for user information
  5. A multitude of reports, including pre-configured and user queries
  6. Flexible payroll calculation meets requirements of most fire departments.
  7. Ability to integrate difital pictures in all modules and drawings in Site Record System with third-party programs
  8. North American Emergency Response Guide
  9. No limit on number of installations by and for the purchasing fire department
The FireTools team is committed to keeping FireTools current with the USFA NFIRS 5.0 specification and continuing program development. Updates are distributed to all FireTools customers at least once a year to correspond with USFA changes and oftener when appropriate.
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